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WWE Smackback 7/11/17 : “Make The U.S. Title Great Again”

WWE Smackdown Live was held in San Antonio at the AT&T Center.

Phenomenal Open

AJ Styles wants to make the U.S. Title great again.  That was the main focus as he spoke in front of the WWE Universe as the new United States Champion.  AJ talked about what the U.S. Title will represent in the future.  It wasn’t so long ago when the U.S. Champ would take on all comers and want to be the very best.  To AJ, it’s time we brought that back, and that’s when he restarted the U.S. Open Challenge.  AJ thinks that the title has been overlooked for too long, so now when you see a man wearing the title, you will know he’s the best.  He then said that if any superstar disagrees with him they are welcome to come to the ring.

Of course John Cena answered the challenge.  I knew it would be him before his music even hit.  It makes sense.  Cena made his name during an open challenge, and the last time AJ and Cena were in San Antonio they had a fantastic match.  They got all the way to the ref coming down to start the match, but alas my dreams would be crushed.  Kevin Owens is in town, and he is not happy about losing his title.

He talked a lot of trash to Cena.  Owens told him he shouldn’t even be there because no one wanted to see him there.  This actually gave Cena a chance to throw in “It’s not that you don’t want to see me, it’s that you can’t see me”.  You know Cena wrote that in.  Cena did his typical put up or shut up challenge.


The Bulgarian Brute jumped Cena from behind but was saved by Styles.  This gave Owens a chance to pop up power bomb the new champion.  Cena got the super kick treatment from Rusev and then got caught in the Accolade for good measure.  I smell a main event match.


Jinder Mahal vs Tye Dillinger –  Winner: Jinder Mahal

The Good

Tye Dillinger was in a match with the WWE Champion.

The Bad

Tye Dillinger had to job hard to the WWE Champion.

The Ugly

Can we please not have any more 360 camera shots when Jinder comes to the ring?  I’ve seen enough back acne to last me for decades.

Xavier Woods vs Jey Uso – Winner: Xavier Woods

The Good

Xavier really impressed me in this match.  He seemed a bit more aggressive than usual, but I liked it.  I think people often overlook him as a legit talent because of the other two members of the New Day.  Don’t sleep on Xavier.

The Bad

Even though there was a match, there really wasn’t much of a match.  I would have like to see a bit more from Xavier.  Especially since the referee sent both The New Day and Jimmy Uso to the back for interference.  This really would have given Xavier a chance to show how legit he is.

The Ugly

Prior to the match Big E offered some random lady some loose Booty O’s from inside his singlet.  Don’t worry random lady, I would have said no as well.

Who’s Next For Naomi

There was a short backstage segment between the women’s division to decide who is next to challenge Naomi for the WWE Women’s Championship.  Shane McMahon told the ladies that there would be a five way elimination match at WWE Battleground.  The winner will then have an opportunity to face Naomi at Summer Slam.  He also set up a tag match for later in the night.  After the five ladies took their verbal shots at each other and left Carmella made an appearance.  She came with a letter from her attorney demanding that James Ellsworth be reinstated immediately.  Shane promptly ripped up the letter and sent Miss Money In The Bank away in a huff.


Baron Corbin vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Even though this was a non match due to both superstars beating the brakes off of each other before the match could even start I think this is leading to something great.  Baron has finally met someone who can dish out stiff moves just as much as he can.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to see this match at Battleground.


Becky Lynch/Charlotte vs Natalya/Tamina – Winners: Natalya/Tamina

The Good

Even though I wasn’t on board at first, I’m kind of warming up to the “face” Charlotte.  Maybe it’s just because she works so well next to Becky as a face, but she is just as dominant as she was as a heel, and she’s getting even bigger pops now.

The Bad

Tamina. Tamina is bad. So bad. She is “The Bad” in this The Bad.

The Ugly

Remember “The Bad”? Yeah me too.  Tamina’s super kick to Charlotte for the win had me thinking that Tamina wanted to be the female Sheamus and Charlotte was Matt Hardy.  Her timing and spacing is unsettling.


Fashion Files: Sexy Fashion Rangers




AJ Styles/John Cena vs Kevin Owens/Rusev – Winners: AJ Styles/John Cena

The Good

All four guys are vets and they all put on a good performance.  The stand out to me was Rusev being back.  I’ve always been a fan of his and felt like he was really hitting a big stride when he had to take time off.  He’s a great heel and I hope that he can get back to where he was very soon.

The Bad

AJ and John were in the ring but I wasn’t seeing a replay of their match at the Rumble this year. Sad face.

The Ugly

Cena’s overacting and facial expressions are getting a bit much for me.  I know he is in the twilight of his career and he is taking some liberties with just having fun in the ring.  However there is a limit to that when it goes from funny to just stupid.

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