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Vegas Shooting Impacts Daniel Robertson

Vegas attack hits home with Rays infielder.

As of Monday afternoon, 58 people are dead in Las Vegas after the worst mass-shooting the United States has ever seen. The impact of the Mandalay Bay gunman’s actions can be felt throughout the country – including the Tampa Bay Rays locker room. The news of another domestic attack woke much of the nation this morning.

Rays infielder Daniel Robertson woke up on Sunday morning preparing for the end of a grueling rookie season. Before long his focus had completely shifted to the events that took place in Las Vegas. His mother was a spectator at the Route 91 Festival and was there for the unthinkable horror that took place.

Robertson took to Twitter this morning to let us know exactly how close to home this was to him.


Fortunately, his mother is safe and was able to make it out as soon as the sounds of gunfire pierced the air.


We have been unable to get in contact with Robertson for further comments. Many people are not as fortunate as Robertson’s mom, or have loved ones that lost their lives – our thoughts are with each and every person affected by this tragedy.


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