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WWE Smackback 8/8/2017: “The Neverending Non-Story”

Tonight’s WWE Smackdown Live was held at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto Canada.

Show Open

Smackdown Live opened with a video recap of last week’s main event in which Shinsuke Nakamura beat John Cena for the opportunity to fight Jinder Mahal at SummerSlam for the WWE Championship.

John Cena came down to the ring to address the events in that video package.  Cena essentially sang the praises of Nakamura.  As the crowd chanted Nakamura’s name he admitted that he never knew why the fans chanted that so much, but after last week, he understood.  He told the crowd that he found out that Nakamura was afraid of nothing.  Cena was very humble in this segment, admitting that he was shocked when he was in the ring, doing what he always does, but before he knew it he was beaten clean.  The only thing he could do was shake Shinsuke’s hand.

The Lone Dumpster Fire

The Lone Wolf Baron Corbin was obviously tired of hearing this butt-kissing segment and decided to come out to shut Cena up.  Corbin told Cena that if he was looking for someone to respect, it should be him.  Corbin added that he is the future, and has no problem with making Cena the past.

Cena responded by quoting a sign in the crowd and called Corbin a dumpster fire, to which the crowd immediately latched onto and began a chant.  Cena then invited Corbin to come down to the ring and continue the fight that occurred off air last week after Smackdown Live ended.  Corbin told Cena that he had no reason to do so.  He has the MITB contract and doesn’t need to beat Cena, he isn’t worth the time, and he could take his respect and shove it.

As Corbin was walking to the back, Daniel Bryan came out to the biggest pop of the night.  Bryan kept it short and sweet.  He told Corbin that he wasn’t sure if he was a dumpster fire or the future.  The one thing he did know was that at SummerSlam it would be John Cena vs. Baron Corbin, in an “We don’t know what to do with these guys right now but they have to be on the PPV so here you go WWE Universe” match.


The Usos vs Sami Zayn/Tye Dillinger – Winners: Usos

The Good

The crowd in Toronto gave Tye and Sami the reaction that I believe both superstars should be getting weekly.  I’m not always keen on two singles wrestlers getting put together in a tag team simply because the Smackdown Live writers don’t have anything for them.  These two however might be able to go the route of Sheamus/Cesaro and make a legit title run.  The New Day jumping the Usos post match was also a good thing.  They came out on a mission and even wanted to get some chairs involved, unfortunately the Usos ran off before that could happen.

The Bad

Even though they have Tye and Sami in a spot right now, I feel like one of them might be headed back to NXT in the next Superstar Shakeup.  If I had to guess it will be Tye.  That’s really unfortunate because I think he has all the tools to make it.

The Ugly

It seemed like Jimmy Uso had too many Tequilas prior to the match, because it took him the same amount of time a long walk on the beach would when he was trying to lock in the Tequila Sunrise on Tye Dillinger.


Fashion Files : Fashion Peaks


Charlotte vs Lana – Winner: Charlotte

The Good

Charlotte’s entire attitude during the match was perfect.  From chuckling at Lana while having her arms folded prior to the match, to her pandering clapping after her win.  Even though she is technically a baby face right now, Charlotte still has the ability to work in some heel attitude.

The Bad

It was revealed in a video prior to the match why Lana is being so friendly with Tamina.  Apparently Lana sees Tamina as her inspiration, a competitor that she watches and wants to fight like.  Setting the bar a bit low aren’t we Lana?

The Ugly

Superstars in general being brought into the main roster without enough time in NXT/training.  I feel like the WWE thinks that someone’s character/persona will be enough to mask the fact that they are terrible in the ring.  This can be achieved as long as the person in question has some decent athletic ability.  The Rock is the prime example here.  He was an OK wrestler, but obviously his character is what made him amazing.  So if a superstar is really bad, they better be 10x what The Rock was……


Shane McMahon/Kevin Owens/AJ Styles Segment

This was one of those segments that is better seen/heard rather than me transcribe.

Lana/Tamina Backstage

We see Lana packing up her gear when she looks off screen and asks “here to gloat?”  We see Tamina and right away she starts mocking Lana.  Earlier in the night we heard Lana say that she wanted to be like Tamina, but a more “ravishing and charismatic” version of her.  Tamina asked her how that worked out while challenging Charlotte.

Not wanted to hear anymore Lana asked Tamina to leave.  Tamina said that Lana will never wrestle like her (sounds like a positive thing).  Lana responds that Tamina will never be as ravishing as her (so rude).  Tamina concluded their conversation by reminding Lana that it wasn’t her in ring talent that got her three consecutive title shots, it was her ambition.  Now it’s Lana’s turn to help Tamina.  I don’t think there is enough help in the world for that title reign to occur.


Naomi vs Carmella – Winner: Carmella

The Good

I’ve got to be honest here, I didn’t see anything that I would deem “good” in this match.

The Bad

This match is silly. Carmella apparently requested it after having to tap to Naomi last week. Call me crazy but I feel like the person with the MITB contract shouldn’t be in 1 v 1 competition with the champ while they hold the contract. The other bad part about these two going against each other is having to watch Carmella take Naomi’s “quick kicks”. It’s just terrible.

The Ugly

I’m all for some groups in the WWE Universe supporting the unlikely people just to be funny/different/whatever. But the Toronto crowd took it too far by chanting “We want Ellsworth”. I can’t stand by and let something like that happen. How dare you Toronto… dare you? Then he showed up like a chinless Candyman. This was horrible not just because he is back, but the fact that Carmella didn’t cash in her contract right at that moment.   If you want the MITB contract to seem like the ultimate wildcard, don’t put the holder in a situation where it would be the perfect time to cash it in, and then they don’t.

*After the match, Natty confronted Carmella and Ellsworth. She took issue with Ellsworth being back for only one night and he has already interfered in a match. She warned them both not to mess with her match at SummerSlam, because it was her time to shine. If she does see Carmella, she will give her a chin like Ellsworth’s. The Beauty and the Freak just mocked Natty and left laughing at her.


Shinsuke Nakamura Interview


Jinder Mahal vs Randy Orton – Winner: Randy Orton

The Good

In terms of the actual match it was solid. Randy was super aggressive right off the bat. Both superstars hit their moves/sold their opponent’s moves very clean. The crowd was energetic throughout the entire match. Granted that’s due to the fact that Jinder is Canadian, but hey it’s good to see a crowd get into an Orton/Mahal match at all.

The Bad

Did we even need this match? I wasn’t even interested in this feud when it was a title chase story line. Tom Phillips stated after the pin that Randy “got his revenge”. That’s a bunch of garbage. All the past matches and personal attacks is now just water under the bridge because Randy beat Jinder clean in a non title match?

The Ugly

Is anyone going to check that cut on the bridge of Jinder’s nose? That thing has been there for months. Also, don’t have Randy get hit from behind by Rusev two seconds before you go off air. I don’t mind it when a show goes off the air on a cliffhanger moment, but this wasn’t even close to the cliff yet.

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