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WWE RAWtrospective 10/9/17: Sierra Hotel…

WWE: Monday Night RAW was LIVE from the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, IN on 10/9/17!

It’s time for a fresh batch of Mizzie awards on this week’s MizTV. We get supporting cast awards for members of “The Bar” in Sheamus and Cesaro. An award for Curtis Axel if giving out before this, and well wishes are sent to an ailing Bo Dallas.

The Miz, the IC Champ, gives himself an award for being the mastermind behind the whole ordeal and he says that he’s “the guy” now.

Roman Reigns is out, and he takes exception to the claims for the IC Champ. Miz says that he’s going to go ahead and debunk rumors of the Shield reunion. Roman then says simply, “Rumors?”

Cue the music of both Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. After we “Burn It Down!”, it’s total domination in the ring and it’s cleared out. There’s a Dirty Deeds for the Miz, but the three ring generals aren’t done. It’s a Triple Powerbomb and yes, ladies and gentlemen, they aren’t rumors. We have a Shield reunion and the roof comes off the joint and inside my own home.

The crowd goes insane and rightfully so, this is huge news and it’s a well deserved pop for an oft-maligned Reigns and this could go a long way in reestablishing the former champion in the eyes of the crowd. Go with what brought you to the dance.

Jason Jordan defeats Karl Anderson via pin fall with the back suplex/neckbreaker combo.

After being labeled a “nerd” during a segment on the WWE site last week, Jordan continues his quest for redemption against one of the “good brothers”. Hilariously enough, the commentary team says Anderson isn’t used to singles competition.

Nevermind the fact that he once graced the G1 finals for New Japan. Anderson and Jordan put on a solid match. Despite interference attempts from big Luke Gallows, Jordan is able to capitalize on an opportunity to get himself to the pay window as he counters an attempt from Anderson and he utilizes his tremendous strength to execute his finish.

Jordan is trying hard to establish himself as a singles talent and the crowd was receptive to it tonight. Let him build on his own success and even though he’s “gold blooded”, with time and tenure, he’ll hopefully get over.

The Miz is being tended to backstage as he receives some terrible news. Raw GM Kurt Angle comes up to him while he’s enjoying an ice pack for his sore neck and he congratulates the Miz on a main event match at TLC.

It’ll be the Miz, Cesaro and Sheamus competing against the reunited Shield. That is tremendous news and I can’t wait to enjoy that one!

After a break, we attempt to walk with Elias, but a banjo strummin’ Titus O’Neil stalls the attempt. Elias had mocked the Indy 500 and Titus butchers an attempt at playing the banjo, but it’s all in good fun as he brings Apollo Crews out for singles action.

Elias defeats Apollo Crews via pin fall with Drift Away.

Crews was over early, especially with the help from the pre-match antics of Titus, but it’s all in vain as Elias continues to rack up win after win at the expense of Titus worldwide.

Elias is a talent to keep an eye on, but he really needs a meaningful singles feud to get over properly and hopefully it’s just a short time before we see it.

The Cruiserweight Champion is out to further “endear” himself to the fans as he speaks at length, as he’s apt to do, about the members of the division not being able to lay a hand on him at the expense of future title opportunities.

He calls Kurt Angle’s management into question as the debuting Kalisto will receive a title opportunity at TLC. Angle is out and he thanks the fans and Enzo questions him doing so after the fans chanting that “he sucks”.

Enzo questions Kurt’s “Johnny Hancock” on a document that mentions that a hand can’t be laid on him or else championship matches are forfeited. Kurt says he signed Kalisto to a Cruiserweight contract after he signed the clause. Enzo says the impossible has happened and he’s been hoodwinked, bamboozled and hustled. He demands that he be shown respect. He asks why Kalisto is being handed a title match.

Enzo is speechless after Kurt finally shuts him up and he says he’ll defend the title under one stipulation. He wants to defend it in the main event. It’s a done deal, but Kurt has one more trick up his sleeve. Enzo defends the title in a lumberjack match!

Braun Strowman defeats Matt Hardy via pin fall with a running powerslam.

“The Monster Among Men” is as surly as ever and he has a challenger in the “Broken” Matt Hardy. This, as expected, was a real test for the veteran Hardy. Strowman is looking to get his sea legs back under him after a failed attempt at winning the Universal Title from “The Beast” Brock Lesnar.

Strowman dominates early, and even as he has a legion of fans, Matt Hardy is incredibly over and the crowd shows their support as they rally behind him. He brings the fight to Strowman, albeit in vain as the match progresses.

After a dominant throw, we have a break and we come back to a near shocker as Hardy hits a Twist of Fate on Strowman. He kicks out and nails a crisp chokeslam and then another before sealing the deal with a running powerslam. This one is over.

The match is over, but the damage isn’t. Strowman scoops up the carcass of the “broken” one and he looks to put him through the LCD wall, but they are confronted by The Shield! The Hounds of Justice block the attempt as Strowman refuses to back down.

He grabs Reigns, but the pack of wolves maul the Monster and we get an earth-shattering spear by Reigns. The pack mentality takes over as rights and lefts rain down on Strowman. They are rocking new Shield shirts before they look to the announce table! Strowman is hoisted high in the sky and driven through the table. Wow!

That’s how you return in style! The Hounds of Justice have mauled the monster! Michael Cole states it perfectly.

Charly Caruso gets a world with the Shield backstage. They talk about destroying everything in their path and they will take on the whole world if they have too. Seth says to “believe that”.

They hype the TLC main event and as per usual, Booker T. says it’s gonna be “good”!

Mickie James, the challenger for the women’s title held by Alexa Bliss, is out for a few words. She says that age ain’t nothing but a number and in two weeks, she will make history by becoming a seven time WWE women’s champion.

“Little Miss Bliss” is out, but she’s not there to cause any trouble. She’s apologetic and she says Mickie has been maligned for two long. She’s put together a career retrospective and this is for younger fans who aren’t familiar with Mickie. The tribute plays and it’s in black and white.

“Superstars of Yesteryear” is done in the format of the olden days and it mocks her “tenacity” when she was a “much younger woman”. She is what of the few senior citizens still performing today. Alexa is proud of the video. She then asks “grandma” if it’s past her bedtime. She then recommends that Mickie play shuffleboard and says she’ll run circles around her and then she’ll send her a VHS tape of it all.

Mickie tells Alexa to bring her little “biscuit butt” down to the ring. The chant takes and Alexa moves towards the ring, ultimately stopping short. Mickie gives chase and she drags her into the ring. She attacks Bliss and sends her into retreat mode as this one continues to develop.

We get a promo for the debuting Asuka and we return with Bayley and Sasha Banks standing with Kurt Angle, laying out challenges to be Asuka’s first opponent. Alicia Fox comes in and annoys the world, laying claim to the right to face Asuka. Dana Brooke does the same, followed by Emma. A fatal five way match is booked and the winner goes to TLC to face Asuka.

THE Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher defeat Mustafa Ali and Cedric Alexander via pin fall after Kendrick pins Ali.

Cedric Alexander and Mustafi Ali team up take on the newly minted heel, Jack Gallagher, and his mentor, the great Brian Kendrick. We get a quick backstory before we launch into the tag team bout.

The two teams give their best effort, looking to put some fresh eyes on the product tonight in Indianapolis. Each man sees their signature spots and we see the “Gentleman” competing in dress wear. It’s really unique for a very unique character in Gallagher.

The end comes with a missed opportunity by Ali, and it allows Kendrick to secure the victory for the new tandem.

We are told by Michael Cole that up next, we’ll find out whether or not the rumors are true, is Sister Abigail alive?!

Kurt Angle is on the phone talking to someone about how good TLC will be and the IC Champ comes out and holds the GM’s feet to the fire about keeping his promise that the Shield can take on four or five or six men.

Kurt agrees and now it’ll be the Shield against Sheamus, Cesaro, the Miz and Braun Strowman. Wow, that completely changes this one. Unreal!

Balor Club worldwide is in the house as Finn makes his way to the ring to a raucous reaction from fans in attendance. Bray Wyatt has promised to reveal his “true self” and apparently that happens tonight with the reveal of “Sister Abigail” and whether or not she’s alive.

Balor says a few words before he is interrupted by the “Eater Of Worlds”. The “Season Of The Witch” is upon us and we see a transformation and something downright creepy and awesome at the same time. Bray is seated in a rocking chair, dressed like an old crone with black paint under his eyes. He speaks as “Abigail” and says that he must punish Finn and his demons.

“She” can turn a demon into a pretty little dandelion. She is worse then anything Finn ever read about, and he touch could have saved Finn, but her “kiss” will burn it all to the ground. Maniacal laughter leaves the arena silent and wondering how this will all play out. We see the transformation back to play and the jump cut, ending the segment.

Emma defeats Bayley, Alicia Fox, Dana Brooke and Sasha Banks in a fatal five way elimination match to go on to face Asuka at TLC.

The fatal five way elimination match begins and we see action all over the place as each of the parties involved look to secure their chance to spoil the debut of the “Empress of Tomorrow”.

Corey Graves speaks at length about why any of the parties involved would willingly go into a situation knowing they’ll have to face Asuka and Michael Cole mentions that three of the women are former champs. Graves says “that and three bucks will get you a cup of coffee”. Well said Corey, well said. Times have changed.

Dana gets a brief showcase against her former buddy Emma before she is promptly disposed of and Bayley starts to take charge. Bayley hits a Bayley-To-Belly suplex and Dana Brooke is eliminated.

We see a shocking elimination next, as Alicia Fox sends the crowd into a following a well-placed axe kick on Bayleu. It’s enough to send the hugger home early.

After a break, we return to see Fox yelling nonsensically at Emma before taking her down. Foxxy makes a major mistake that sees her fall victim to a backstabber and then she submits to a Banks Statement.

Immediately after the elimination, Emma takes advantage of the situation and she rolls Banks up for a quick three count and the win. Emma will head to TLC to take on Asuka!

Renee Young has words with Finn Balor backstage about what happened earlier with Bray Wyatt and “Sister Abigail”. He says that after hearing her words earlier, he feels as if Bray has unleashed something awful. He felt pure evil running down his spine, but he now knows what he has to do. He walks off without further words.

A huge main event booked for next week’s show as we find out that Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns will be locked inside a fifteen foot high steel cage!

Kalisto has words backstage before his title match tonight with Charly Caruso. He talks about being inspired by names like Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero and the like. He says that Enzo Amore being champ is a slap to the face of everyone. He vows to win the title tonight!

With that being said, it’s time for the main event, as Enzo Amore defends the Cruiserweight Title against Kalisto. The Lumberjacks make their way out, surrounding the ring. The competitors make their entrances and we get after it.

Kalisto defeats Enzo Amore via pin fall with the Salida Del Sol to win the Cruiserweight Title.

Well that didn’t last long. Kalisto brought his unique offense into a volatile main event with Enzo shouting and yelling at everyone at ringside, including one spot where he called Mustafa Ali an “Ugly SOB”. The Cruiserweights seemed to take great delight in working Enzo over whenever he has on the outside.

Enzo ends up finding himself on the wrong end of a counter and it leads to a Salida Del Sol and a new champion to end the show. Now I must say I’m intrigued. They turn Enzo “heel” and give him two main event segments to run down the talent. Kalisto arrives and wins the belt. What now?

Kalisto is a special talent, but Enzo and Neville both added their own “flavor” to a division sorely needing an identity. The talent is there, the ring-work is there, but we have to get invested in these characters. I could see Enzo winning the belt back in short order, or else it does nothing for him to be involved with the division at this point.

We’ll see, I suppose. Overall, this was a pretty solid show.


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