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Surprise contestant. Is Elimination Chamber now set?


The men’s Elimination Chamber is now set. There was a surprise entrant for the Chamber. Braun Strowman sings? Can Bayley show The Boss how it’s done? 


John Cena kicks off the show.

The Elimination Chamber set roster still need to be set. But first Cena kicks off the show with a promo about last weeks main event. The Miz interrupts. After a short promo, a match is proposed. With the loser entering the Elimination Chamber first!


Cena vs Miz. Loser enters the Elimination Chamber first.

Kurt Angle music hits. He he likes the idea, but The Miztourage must leave. What is there to say about these two performers? Oh, maybe that they are the most consistent superstars that the WWE has had for over a decade. They did not disappoint tonight. Both Cena & the Miz did their job. Even might be the best match of the night. After a solid match Cena wins with a Super AA. The Miz now has to enter first in the Elimination Chamber.



The Club Vs The Revival

Luke and Karl cut a “Nerd” promo on the Revival. Which leads in to a match. As Luke and Karl make their way to the ring, The Revival ambush them. Taking out Luke’s knee. Most of the match goes the Revival’s way. They target Luke’s knee. The bright spot was that WWE allowed Karl Anderson to shine more so than before. However, it seems that The Revival is now out of the doghouse. They score a Shatter Machine and the win.



Jason Jordan injury update, surprise contestant, and Ronda Rousey’s brand.

Kurt Angle makes his way down to the ring and announces that Jordan is out for WrestleMania. Jason Jordan just had surgery on his neck from a real life injury. Seth Rollins music hits. Rollins cuts a promo on he wants to be THE main attraction for RAW. Seth asks Kurt to make tonight’s Fatal 4-Way, a Fatal 5-Way. Kurt Angle agrees. Oh, If you were wondering on which brand Ronda Rousey is going to preform on. It’s Raw.


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Sasha Banks vs Bayley

In the hometown of Bayley. She gets a match from her frenemy Sasha Banks. The match starts off with Bayley in full control. The Boss quickly bounces back to gain control. The match between them goes this way for a awhile. Sasha then re-aggravates Bayley’s old injured shoulder. Trying to capitalize on Bayley’s old injury, Sasha becomes arrogant. Bayley quickly hits Banks with a vicious knee to the face. This is a Bayley that is rarely seen. Bayley goes for an elbow drop, but misses. The action takes to the second top rope. Sasha counters Bayley’s attempt in a suplex. But Bayley quickly recovers and hits a second rope Bayley to Belly suplex for the win. The ladies face each other off as a sign of respect,. Then Nia Jax attacks both of them. Taking them out in seconds. The took them out and Asuka is next.



Alexa Biss, Mickie James vs Mandy Rose and Sonya DeVille

Usually this probably wouldn’t even get a mention. But Alexa and Mandy Rose showed some in ring improvement. The match mostly focused on Mickie and Sonya. Alexa and Mandy had their share of spots as well. Mandy hits the Rose Thorn for the win. Mandy seems to be getting a bigger push of Sonya at this point.


Braun Strowman sings.

Well this was a segment for Elias. The Drifter came out with his usual awesome heel song. But then… but then.

Braun Strowman was introduced! Braun held a cello or double bass (Sorry, I am not a music major) and proceeded to sing his own song. After a few strums Braun broke the strings on the instrument, because he’s Braun! He makes his way to Elias in the ring and just does what Braun does. GET THESE HANDS!




Roman Reigns Vs Sheamus

Now, I did say the match between Cena and Miz might have bee the match of the night. However, this one takes it. The in ring chemistry between Sheamus and Roman was on point. Plus having Cesaro at ringside was just the topper. Both men exchange hot spots in the beginning. Sheamus goes a Brogue Kick. Roman counters with a Superman Punch and a Powerbomb. Sheamus kicks out and goes to the top rope. Roman counters with a spear for the win. Best match of the night.



Second Chance Elimination Chamber Qualifying Fatal Five Way Match.

Whew! That was a mouthful! In this match we have the losers of the initial Elimination Chamber qualifying matches head to head. The contestants are Woken Matt Hardy, Apollo Crews, Bray Wyatt, and Finn Balor.  Now with Seth Rollins added to the mix. The match started fairly quick. It esculated in to Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins match. Everyone had a small chance to shine. Like Bray Wyatt taking out Seth with a wicked clothesline. The match a slow spot fest. In which cumulated in to a double assisted superplex. I actually made that term up. Finn Balor AND Seth Rollins scoring the 1-2-3! I waited with baited breath in to what would be said after the commercials. Alas, nothing. So there you have it. TWO winners in the second chance Elimination Chamber qualifying match. What a wordy finish.



WWE taking the safe road?

I seriously had a tough time being interested in tonight’s Raw. Everything that was happening in the ring felt really safe. From the “Let’s add another fan favorite wrestler in the Elimination Chamber mix” to the Sasha vs Bayley match, in Bayley’s hometown. I get it, we all get it WWE. You want to protect your stars for the Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania. However, thst just lead to a below average show. zzzIt’s time to kick every show in to high gear for WrestleMania. What are your thought? Sound off below and let it be known!



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