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Should Dolph Ziggler Have Gone Back to WWE?

NATHAN: I was, as I’m sure most of you were, surprised at the news of Dolph Ziggler signing a new two year deal with the WWE.

If you had asked me over the last few months, I would have bet big money that he was done. This was based on how the WWE was using him. It seems however that I may have been mistaken as to just how much the WWE values Ziggler. Reports have indicated that he is getting 1.5 million a year for two years. If that is true he is right at the top of the heap in regards to paychecks. Now I have been tasked to give the pros of having Dolph sign this two year contract. I love Ziggler as a performer. I’d even go as far as to say that when it comes to in ring ability, he is among the best of his generation. There are a ton of cons against this signing; I will try to change your minds.

The surprising thing about this is that if you would have asked me prior to me knowing the amount of money he was getting, I would have agreed with the naysayers. It is the sheer enormity of this deal that gives me hope for the direction they are going to take Ziggler. I’ll say it right now. He could be a legit, long reigning heel World Champion. I don’t think we have seen the best out of Dolph yet. Maybe it was him not being happy with his position in the company. Or corporate holding off pushing him harder because of something he did in his personal life. I don’t think he has given it his all. That’s really saying something. Say what you will about him perhaps overselling, I think he can sell with the best of them. Yes that means AJ Styles as well.

The WWE obviously believes in Dolph, even if they haven’t shown it recently.

I can’t imagine that they won’t give him a massive push after putting so much money on the line. I don’t care whether you think Dolph did it for the money or not. What I care about is we are about to see the best Dolph Ziggler that we ever have. I don’t believe that he is the type of guy to get a big two year contract and just phone it in. I’m sure he would welcome a World Championship run. I’m also fairly certain that he has something to prove to us and the rest of the WWE. This last gimmick he was doing seemed a bit too real as he was tearing the current landscape of the WWE to shreds. There seemed to be some real bitterness there. I hope that there is, that just adds to the reasons why Dolph would want to succeed.
What are your thoughts? Am I on point here or completely off my rocker? Let me know.


GENE: Let me preface this by saying that I do not dislike Dolph Ziggler.

From his earliest days as Nicky of the Spirit Squad, I knew there was something there. He ascended the ranks of WWE and gave great matches during a period where WWE arguably didn’t have many that can go at that pace in the ring. Dolph Ziggler is a hell of a hand and a damn good athlete. However, I do not believe he should have renewed his contract with World Wrestling Entertainment.

For the past five years or so, Ziggler has been placed in a state of limbo. The company pushed him for all of a month or so, then bounced right back to mid-card status. Six months later, rinse and repeat. This man is a Triple Crown champion and the company can’t even give him a decent storyline or at least a sincere push? I’ve said for years that Ziggler needs to get out of this company. Hell, Cody Rhodes, another person who was seemingly damaged due to poor booking and creative, gave everyone the blueprint for success.

Ziggler needed to leave WWE.

New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor may or may not be a good fit. Lucha Underground is already well underway in taping season four. As much as some may want to scoff at this, I believe Ziggler should have gone to Impact. The company just let go of major talent. He could have taken a pay cut, go there and reinvent himself. Ziggler could have become one of the more dominant champions that company has had in a while. Look what it’s done for other WWE cast offs. Bobby Lashley, Drew Galloway and Ethan Carter III were mishandled in WWE. They went to TNA, reworked their gimmicks and were serious characters. All had dominant reigns as champion of Impact. All have returned, or will be returning to WWE, with their stock that much higher.

It is rumored that Ziggler re-signed with WWE for a two year deal worth 1.5 millon dollars per year. Given that most of their top guys (Cena, Undertaker) have contracts approximately 1 million downside, the number being touted for Dolph’s contract may not be accurate. But if it is, it doesn’t seem like it was money well spent. Either WWE is extremely desperate for people to help get other talent over or Ziggler may have gotten to the point where he’s only in it for the money. I sincerely hope it’s not the latter.

We now posit the question to you, our readers. Should Ziggler have returned to WWE? Or should he have attempted to ply his trade elsewhere? Let us know in the comments.

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