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Qualifying for Money In The Bank. A surprise win!

Kurt Angle starts qualifying matches for Money In The Bank tonight. What will the matches be? Triple Threat Matches! A surprise winner! Who will qualify? Seth Rollins issues an open challenge and a debut answers. Let us answer your questions, now!


The path for Money in the bank, The Monster, Conga Lines.

Kurt Angle opens the night with an announcement of Raw superstars will need to qualify for MITB. The Monster Braun Strowman enters. Braun tells a tale of how he was mistreated as a child from other children while building a treehouse. So, he brought down a tree, with a treehouse, and the bullies by himself. Kevin Owens enters and demands to be in the MITB match. Stating that he is the real Raw MVP. Kurt hearing him out, agrees with K.O. and puts him in a match with Braun Strowman.

Braun Strowman Vs Kevin Owens in a qualifying match for MITB.

The Monster Braun just dominates the opening minutes. Quickly establishing why he is feared. However, Kevin Owens surprises Braun with a Tornado DDT from the barrier. This has the Monster staggered and barely beating a 10 count. Braun sets up K.O for a turnbuckle shoulder tackle. Owens dodges, leaving Braun outside for another 10 count. After a monstrous choke slam from Braun. K.O delivers a combo of low kick, Super kick, and Senton Bomb. Strowman kicks out.

Kevin Owens hits a Frog splash and tries for a Pop Up power bomb. The Monster is too big. Owens makes it outside only to be destroyed by the now famous Strowman The Tank Engine shoulder blasts outside. Braun gets the power slam and the pin.



No Way Jose and Titus Worldwide Vs The Revival and Baron Corbin.

In this filler match Conga Line World Wide go against Corbin and The Revival. The match started with Apollo Crews getting some of some much-needed attention. Apollo displayed some good moves. However, the great surprise was the move set No Way Jose preformed. It was like watching him in NXT. However, Baron Corbin lands the End Of Worlds on No Way Jose for the pin.

No disqualification triple treat women’s match for MITB. Jinder Mahal Vs Chad Gable rematch. Drifter Vs Glorious.

Sasha Banks vs Ember Moon vs Ruby Riott.

This match started off with a bang. At first it became a Ruby vs Sasha match. With The Boss quickly dispatching the leader of The Riott Squad in a few moves. This led to an Ember Moon vs Sasha Banks showdown. The action and counters between these two ladies was great. Eventually, Ruby found an opening and capitalized. Taking out The Boss.

Now standing is Ruby vs Ember. The two ladies have had run-ins on NXT and it shows. With fast paced action and reversals. Sasha gets back in to the fight and gains control. Sending Ember in the ropes. Moon springboards off the ropes with a flying body splash. The action is fast. Ruby is now outside, Ember is in the far side of the ring, and Sasha is in control.

Sasha hits a flip from one side of the ring to the other to take out The Riott Squad. Ember Moon hits a suicide dive on Ruby Riott. Bodies everywhere! This leads to Ruby taking a top turnbuckle hurricanrana from Banks. Sasha goes for the pin and Riott Squad interrupts. The Squad goes to attack Sasha and Bayley comes in for the save. After all the commotion, Ruby and Sasha lock up. Only to be hit with a double Eclipse from Ember Moon! Ember gets the pin! Wow!


Jinder Vs Chad Gable.

In filler match that may have long-term consequences. Chad Gable takes the quick control of the match. However, no matter what Gable did. Jinder was just too much. The Modern Day Maharaja hits the Khallas and pins Gable.

The newest tag team Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler.

Drew and Dolph had a squash match vs Heath Slater and Rhyno. Just as you expected, Drew and Dolph win. With a vicious Claymore/Zig Zag combo finisher.

Elias Vs Roode

The feud between Elias and Bobby Roode continues. Elias showcased his power move set and Bobby Roode found a way to win. With a Glorious DDT.

Seth Rollins open Challenge, Bo Dallas and Curtis Hawkins first independent match, The Men’s No DQ Triple Threat Match for MITB,

Seth Rollins Vs ???

The fighting Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins gives an open challenge to anyone who wants it. The opponent that answers is Mojo Rawley. Mojo who use tobe the Hype One. Takes it to Seth quickly. Hitting a brutal shoulder tackle to Seth on the barrier outside. Rollins gains control eventually. Yet Mojo is a new fighter. Displaying vicious running shoulder blasts. Seth Rollins being the veteran. Hits Rawley with a combo that leads in to the Curb Stomp for the win.


Bo Dallas and Curtis Hawkins are awoken.

Bo and Curtis finally ditch The Miz. The now have their sights on being A-Listers. Their first match upon deciding this? Is against the Raw Tag team Champions, The Deleters Of Worlds. Woken Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt. This went the way you would thought. However, the ongoing chemistry between Bray and Matt is great. Tonight, Bray displayed intensity with his move. This lead up to another mash-up of Matt and Bray’s finisher. This time, Bray’s Sister Abigail taking center stage. The Tag team champions for the win.

The Big Dog Vs a waiting Demon Vs an opportunist.

The Men’s Triple Threat match for MITB consist of Roman Reigns vs Finn Balor vs Sami Zayn. The match quickly turned in to beat down Roman Reigns. With Fin and Sami teaming up. The fight spilled outside, Sami Zayn lands a Hellvua Kick on Roman, and Finn Balor hits the Coup de grace on Roman from a barrier to take him out.

Back in to the ring it was Sami vs Finn. Both men flourished with the time. Finn gets knocked outside and Sami goes to capitalize with a Hellvua  Kick. Balor counters with a Slingblade. Zayn regains control and hits an Hellvua Kick outside the ring. Just then, Roman Reigns flies from the crowd with a tackle.

The fight between the three men enters the ring. Which becomes a fast paced affair. Just as Roman Reigns is setting up the spear. Jinder Mahal grabs Romans leg, allowing Sami to hit a Helluva kick. Finn Balor hits Sami with the Shotgun Dropkick to Coup De Grace for the win. Finn Balor is now in the MITB match.



Did Backlash ever happen?

Tonight on Raw did what I haven’t seen in a while. They pretty much ignored the awful Backlash PPV. It was needed. Now with the WWE focusing on lesser PPVs per month and including both brands. We can expect a good build up for the PPVs. Tonight’s Raw was in the right direction, yet still underwhelming. I can see the slow build and the unexpected win from Ember Moon was great. However, WWE might still be on the long build to recovering the fans the walked out on Backlash. Can WWE do it this year? We will see.

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