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Once captains are no longer. New leaders in charge for Survivor Series. Title match surprise!

The once captians for Smackdown are no longer. There is new leaders in charge. Becky Lynch pulls out and hand picks her replacement. One of the co-captains loses spot on Smackdown team. How will Smackdown’s roster adapt? A surprise title match! Who is in charge now? Find out here on our Smackdown Live recap, the Smackback!


The Phenomenal One. The American Dragon. Chaos ensues. Jeff Hardy vs Andrade Cein Alma.

The Phenomenal One, AJ Styles opens the show. Styles goes on a promo against Brock Lesnar’s lack of fighting. In the crowd stands Paul Heyman, AJ tells ringside operators to give him a microphone. Heyman goes on with another great promo for Lesnar. The advocate states that Brock doesn’t want to fight anyone else more than AJ Styles. The Phenomenal one said he has been training since their last fight, and is going to tap him out. Like he tapped out Daniel Bryan. Daniel’s music hit and The American Dragon seems angry. Bryan tells AJ if he ever says his name again he is going to punch him in the face. AJ says his name again and a brawl ensues. Later on, a WWE Championship match is booked.



Jeff Hardy vs Andrade Cein Almas. Hardy wins via Swanton Bomb pinfall.

Cein Almas charges Hardy strong. Landing knees and leg strikes, Hardy gains control with stiff chops and jawbreaker. The fight spills outside, with Almas regaining control. Andrade lands a big double knee, yet Hardy goes for a roll up. What follows is a messy counter fest, and another messy counter fest. This all leads to Hardy hitting the Twist Of Fate to Swanton Bomb for the pinfall. Both men deserve better than this match.


Survivor Series spot is in contention. New Smackdown captain for both the men and women.

After the break, Smackdown Live’s GM Paige is distraught over Daniel Bryan. Paige then tells Miz that Bryan is no longer SDL’s co-captain and the sole captain is The Miz. The A-Lister then states that he doesn’t believe Rey Mysterio belongs on the team. A match between Miz and Rey is booked. If Miz wins Rey is off the team.

The Miz vs Rey Mysterio. Mysterio wins via roll up pin.

The Miz quickly attacks Rey, using his size over the smaller Rey. The Lucha Legend turns things around with his quick paced offense. However, every time Rey seems to get an upper hand, The Miz counters. After a quick break, both men are fighting on the top turnbuckle. Rey tosses Miz down and goes to attack. However, Miz was ready and counters with a springboard powerbomb. Rey fights back from a Skull Crushing Finale, hits the 619, but is caught by The Miz’s knees in a Frog Splash. The A-Lister rolls up Rey for a two count. Mysterio then rolls up Miz for the pin. Shortly Randy Orton attempts to attack Rey, only to hit a RKO on the Miz.

The Lassinator can not go one.

After the brilliant invasion Becky Lynch and Smackdown Live’s women provided last night. Becky Lynch states due to the medical staff, she can not face Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series. SDL GM Paige has the entire women’s roster in the ring for Lynch to pick her replacement. The Man Becky states to Ronda, that she isn’t the baddest women on the planet, she is the luckiest. Lynch then stares down SDL’s roster, a big pop from the crowd when she stares at Asuka. However, The Man Becky Lynch chooses her live long rival, The Queen Charlotte Flair. Becky tells Flair that she better beat her the way Lynch wanted to, make her tap, and then gives her an emotional hug.

New Day vs Big Bar. Usos announces SDL tag team roster. Daniel Bryan vs AJ Styles.

New Day Vs Big Bar. The Big Bar wins via KO Punch pinfall.

A six man tag team match between The New Day and The Bar with Big Show begins. The Big Bar isolates Xavier Woods for the first part of the match. Woods is unable to get to his team’s corner due to huge moves from the Big Bar. Each member of the Bar and Big Show take turns pummeling Woods. After a vicious double back breaker from Cesaro and Sheamus, Big E breaks the count. In which leads for the Big Show taossing Big E like a ragdoll in to the barriers. Kofi eventually gets a hot tag and starts to take it to the Big Bar. Kingston hits Trouble In Paradise, a SOS, and almost sways momentum. However, Kofi attempts a counter to Cesaro’s Big swing and is met with a KO Punch from Show, ending a pinfall.

The SDL Tag Team roster.

The Usos announce the SDL team while stating this goes beyond their differences. The SDL team consist of Primo and Epico, The Good Brothers, and Sanity. Along with New Day, which was known last week. Welcome to the Smackdown Penitentiary!

AJ Styles VS Daniel BRyan for the WWE Championship. Daniel Bryan wins Running knee for pinfall.

This amazing match starts with AJ quickly being the aggressor. Backing up Daniel in to the corner, Bryan quickly turns the match around and lands big chops. Styles then sends Bryan over the ropes outside and hits a fore arm splash. The match cuts to break, afterwards we see Bryan pummeling AJ in the corner. Styles fights out and attempts a Phenomenal Forearm. However, Daniel counters and rams Styles in to multiple ring posts. Back in the ring, both men trade hard shots and ends up with the two slinging their bodies in to each other.

After another break, both men fight on top of top turnbuckle. Bryan gains the upper hand and hit Yes kicks and a baseball slide on AJ. Bryan then hits a top turnbuckle back superplex, for a two count. Style then goes for a Phenomenal Forearm, but hits the referee. With the referre down, Daniels hits AJ with a low blow. Following it uo with a big Running knee for the pinfall. After the match, Daneil goes beserk and continues to assault a helpless AJ Styles. With all is said and done, Daniel Bryan is the new WWE Champion, right before Survivor Series.


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