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MMA’s Ronda Rousey and American Ninja Warrior’s Kacy Catanzaro in Talks with WWE

World Wrestling Entertainment made great strides over the last four years to change how women’s wrestling is presented. Bra and panties matches are a thing of the past. Title belts, excuse me, championships are no longer shaped like a butterfly. Female athletes are referred to now as Superstars, not Divas. Women like Trish Stratus, Lita, Natalya, Paige and AJ Lee paved the way.  But Bayley, Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks took that ball and ran with it. Two more names could be added to that list very soon. Former women’s Bantamweight Champion, Ronda Rousey, and former American Ninja Warrior Kacy Catanzaro could be appearing on WWE or NXT TV soon.

ESPN discussed the potential of Rousey in WWE with Triple H, Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative. Triple H was very up front, forgoing the typical misdirection that WWE sometimes is guilty of.

“She’s definitely interested and we’re having conversations. I’ll say it right here on ESPN: If she wants the opportunity, I’d be willing to give it to her.” said the former fourteen time world champion.

Rousey brings instant name recognition and a bunch of eyeballs onto the product.  People that may not have watched professional wrestling otherwise may do so now. However, she won’t be alone when it comes to new star power in the company.

USA Today spoke with Kacy Catanzaro.  She discussed leaving the world of American Ninja Warrior behind and moving on to the WWE.

“I’m ready to take on a new challenge, for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be brought to me a handful of times — I knew that it was rare, and I was getting older. I want to be somewhere where I can make the biggest impact I can.”

Catanzaro is a dynamo of energy and, despite her diminutive (for the wrestling world) size, her endurance, stamina and rumored aerial expertise will make her an invaluable asset in either NXT or on the main WWE roster.

Both of these women in WWE would mean the women’s division would get an even bigger platform than what they’re already receiving. This is a good thing. In conclusion, I just hope that their training is thorough enough. These women shouldn’t be thrown in main roster matches on big event shows before they are ready.

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