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Kurt Angle has his hands full. Cena’s challenge. Ultimate Deletion set!

With only four weeks until WrestleMania. WWE has ramped up Monday Night’s Raw. From John Cena’s last chance for a WrestleMania match to what team is good enough to face The Bar. It’s time to travel another path on The Road To WrestleMania.


The face off.

Kurt Angle seems to has his hands full after last week. From Ultimate Deletion to challenging HHH and Stephanie McMahon to a match at WrestleMania. After Kurt recaps last week, he announces that Brock is a “no show” … again. Roman Reigns walks out.

Roman proceeds to cut a promo on how Brock is one of his “boys”. So Brock can do what he wants, when he wants. Then Kurt tries to cover the mic. Roman tells him “don’t touch my mic”. Roman then says it’s Vince’s fault and will not be disrespected by Vince. Roman then walks backstage to Vince AND Shane! What a great promo!


The repercussion.

After a commercial break. Vince comes out of the office and cuts a “PC” friendly explanation. Following a promise that Brock Lesnar is “not his boy”. Also, that due to Roman Reigns disrespect. Roman is temporally suspended.



First match of the night.

Sasha Banks with Bayley at ringside vs Sonya DeVille and Absolution at ringside. Sonya DeVille started in control with strong MMA moves. Shortly afterwards Sasha gains control. A quick match with Absolution trying to interfere. Bayley saves Sasha’s match. Allowing the Boss to hit the Bank Statement for the win. Bayley feels her job is done and walks up the ramp. Then Absolution attacks Sasha. Bayley never comes back.



Miz games.

The Miz has a Miz Tv segment. His guests are Finn Balor and Seth Rollins. The Miz what Miz does best. He tries to tip the balance in his favor with words. Miz talks about how Finn and Seth have unfinished business against each other. Referring the first Universal Championship match. Both men do not fall for it…or do they?



Can anyone stop The Bar?

The Bar has a match with The Miztourage. However, this is not a normal match. The Miztourage attack the Bar before the match is official. Leading up to the entire Raw tag team roster to join in the ruckus. This sets up tonight’s main event. A Tag Team Battle Royal. With the winner facing The Bar at WrestleMania.


Is “The Champ” done?

John Cena walks out. He state after losing at WWE’s Fastlane on Sunday. He no longer has a match at WrestleMania. So he is going to do the next best thing. He’s going to WrestleMania as a fan! Cena even goes in to the crowd and takes a couple of sips from a fan’s beer. After the crowd pleasing antics, Cena gets serious. He calls out THE UNDERTAKER for a WrestleMania match! Yes, Cena did this a few weeks ago. But this time it was a promo only Cena could deliver. Whether you hate him or not. John Cena is a pro on cutting promos and delivering matches like this.


Universal Championship rematch.

The first Universal Champion Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins.

This is a match we have been waiting for. Although most likely under different circumstances. Both men are now baby faces. AKA the good guys. Now they face off against each other to settle a grudge from a few years ago. This match could’ve been as epic as the first Universal title match. However, it seemed to be a “feel out” match for WrestleMania. Not to say it was bad. It had good pacing, some good spots, and good counters. Like when Seth goes for his newest combo. The Superplex to Falcon Arrow, only to have Finn counter the Falcon Arrow for a roll up pin. Good but could’ve been great match.





The Empress is here.

Asuka makes her way out to have interview about her challenge to Charlotte during WWE’s Fastlane. As soon as she is about to speak. Alexa Bliss and new BFF, Mickie James interrupts. Little Miss Bliss cuts a blissful promo. Calling for her best friend Nia to fight Asuka. Nia does not show up. Making way for a Mickie James vs Asuka match.




This was probably the best I’ve seen Mickie James perform since coming back to WWE. Mickie James gives strong hits to Asuka. Alas, The Empress is undefeated for a reason. James goes for a Mick-Kick and Asuka counters. Locking in the Asuka-Lock for the win.


The end of a friendship.

After Asuka wins the match. Alexa Bliss goes backstage to ask Nia on why she didn’t come out. Nia says that Kurt Angle told her not to go out because she has a match. Bliss understood and asked Nia if she will have here back next week. When she goes against Asuka. Nia says “ok”.

Nia’s match is a squash match. But what follows afterwards is what matters. Alexa and Mickie James are talking about Nia. Mickie can not believe on how Alexa made Nia to think that she was her friend. Just like the audience at home and the crowd in the arena. Nia Jax is seeing this. The conversation ignites a fire from Nia. She storms backstage only to have the two run. The “friendship” is over. Run Bliss, run.





The Woken One Matt Hardy appears on the Titantron. He challenges Bray Wyatt to an Ultimate Deletion match at the Hardy Compound. This is the match and promo that “Broken” Matt Hardy fans have been waiting for. Not only is The Woken One is now in his comfort zone. But he brings in the Broken/Woken family in to the WWE universe! Queen Rebecca! King Maxell! Lord Wolfgang! Senor Benjamin! Vanguard 1! This will be epic for the WWE universe. I can’t wait!


A Monstrous match

The main event for tonight’s Raw is here. A Tag Team Battle Royal. The winner will face off The Bar at WrestleMania. For the Raw Tag Team championship. The entire Raw tag team division are in the ring about to start the match. However, a monster has other plans. The Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman walks out! What is going on?!




He makes his way to the ring and destroy all contestants. Since the only way to be eliminated is over the ropes. Braun is careful to step in-between the ropes, while tossing opponents around. Finally the tag teams start to attack the Monster. But to no avail, Strowman clobbers his way in to winning the match. Setting up Braun Strowman vs The Bar at WrestleMania. For the Tag Team Championship.


Paths to WrestleMania

Tonight’s Raw was another good show. What it lacked in matches, it provided in story telling. Setting up matches for the biggest WWE PPV of the year. Will Cena get his match vs Undertaker? Will Brock ever show up to a non PPV? Is the Woken One finally awaken? We can only watch and find out.


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