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Jericho vs. Omega At Wrestle Kingdom 12 – “New Beginning Or Predictable End?”

The Wrestle Kingdom 12 match between Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega can change the way professional wrestling does business. Will the future be a new beginning, or a predictable and disappointing ending?

The Wrestle Kingdom 12 super match featuring the self proclaimed “Alpha” Chris Jericho and The Cleaner Kenny Omega is sure to be an above average match. Perhaps even epic if Jericho is in good enough shape to hang with Omega.  More importantly it brings together fans from two promotions that may not have been introduced to the other without this match.  This got me thinking.  Could this match usher in a new era of collaboration between different companies?  Believe me, it can.

Different Fan Bases

Even though there are some similarities, NJPW and the WWE are very much different animals stylistically and creatively.  This of course can foster the fan base from each promotion liking different things concerning professional wrestling as a whole.  Sometimes this can also breed die hard loyalty. To the point where some fans won’t even watch any other company’s product.  With the current caliber of talent out there in the world of professional wrestling, this is a crying shame.  Hopefully the hype that this match is creating will draw in some of those stubborn people and open up their world as a fan.

Popularity Equals Profit For All?

There is no doubt that the addition of Chris Jericho will increase the Wrestle Kingdom 12 viewer numbers for NJPW.  There is built in history for Chris Jericho, who is returning to wrestling in Japan after two decades.  Multiple sources have reported that Chris Jericho is currently a free agent in the professional wrestling world.  There are however conflicting reports that Jericho is still under contract with WWE.  This would mean that Vince McMahon would have to have signed off on this match.  I’m hoping it’s the latter. Stay with me.

If this match is an amazing success, it could be the beginning of something tremendous.  Let’s say that NJPW sees a substantial increase in viewership from what they anticipated.  Now you have to believe that Vince McMahon is in support of this match.  What could that mean for future, cross-promotion matches?

Imagine if all promotions had the relationship that Ring of Honor and NJPW presently have.  There is no way that the overall quality of each company would improve.  This would eliminate stale story lines for superstars creative just can’t place.  Perhaps a NJPW creative team has different ideas on how to book a WWE superstar stuck in the mid-card.  Fans arguing online about who should be able to beat who concerning superstars from different promotions?  That discussion could ultimately lead to your dream match.  I don’t think this is beyond the realm of possibility.

Let’s Hope For The Best

I have faith that Chris Jericho is taking this extremely seriously, and is training accordingly.  It’s time for him to once again live up to his quote, “I’m the best in the world at what I do”.  I think that he will surprise a lot of people simply because he is not under the constraints of the WWE.  He may perform some high spots the WWE told him not to.  He is also no stranger to a stronger style.  Will he dish it out as well as receiving it?  We should all be hoping for a 5 Star match.  It could literally change the professional wrestling landscape forever.

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