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Elimination Chamber preview. Gauntlet match! Mr Monday Night!

The Elimination Chamber is around the corner. Tonight on Raw, there will be the first ever Gauntlet match! In which includes all seven contestants of the men’s Elimination Chamber. Will the men make it through until Sunday? What is store for the ladies? Let’s dive in.



First match of the Gauntlet Match.

The Gauntlet match starts off the Elimination Chamber preview show. I heard about this match earlier in the day. I honestly thought it would be Raw’s main event. Alas, it kicked of the show. Roman Reigns music hits. He is interviewed and cuts a promo. Then, Seth Rollins music hits. It’s Shield brothers against each other.

What a match! These two have benefited from working together closely for years. It shows during this match. After taking the quick upper hand. Roman pulls his strong card. Reigns pull out two Superman punches only to have Seth counter both of them. The last one, Seth counters with a Bucklebomb! Roman kicks out.

Later on, Roman gets a slight upper hand. He sets up for the spear. Seth counters with a knee and kick. Both counter with roll ups. Yet Seth scores the win! Next up…



Second Gauntlet Match

After a grueling match. John Cena’s music hits. It is not looking good for Seth Rollins. There is no breaks during a Gauntlet Match. Now Seth Rollins will have to take on the 16-time champion. Seth tries to seize an opportunity. Goes for a quick clothesline and a pin. Cena kicks out. Cut to commercial.

Back after the break. Cena is in control. Grinding down a weathered Seth Rollins. Cena decides on a strategy to use minimal energy on fighting Rollins. It’s working with Seth almost being counted out. When Seth gets back in, Cena hits a triple sidewalk slam on him. Seth kicks out. Later on, Cena power’s up Seth in to a body press to neck breaker! Seth kicks out.

Both men take the fight out to the outside apron. Seth misses a spear and hit the post corner. With both men in danger of being counted out. They make it back in. Cena goes for an A.A and is countered by Seth. Rollins locks in an armbar. Cena goes “Super Cena” and powers Seth in to an A.A. Again, Seth counters and hits a Frog Splash. This is insane!

Afterwards both men struggle to their feet. Cena hits Seth with an A.A. Rollins kicks out. John Cena then goes on to the top turnbuckle. Only to have Seth counter him with a roll up in to an A.A! Again… INSANE! Both go through crazy exchanges. Seth hits a Revolution Knee, kick, and Curb Stomp! Seth pins John Cena! This was a match that cemented Seth Rollins as Mr. Monday Night.



Third Gauntlet match.

Amazing. Seth “Mr. Monday Night” Rollins has not only pin Roman and Cena. But has wrestled close to an hour straight! The Drifter Elias walks down the ramp. With busted ribs from Braun Strowman last week. I expected this match to go quickly. But the WWE had other things in mind.

We all may “Walk With Elias”. However, after witnessing Seth’s performance. We know who is Mr. Monday Night now. After a brilliant performance from Seth. I thought Seth would go the distance, but Elias eventually wears down Seth for the pin.


Fourth Gauntlet match.

As soon as a taxed out Elias catches his breath. The Demon King Finn Balor music hits. Again, I thought this would be a squash match for Finn. Yet, WWE seems to push The Drifter. This time Elias has a chance to showcase his talent. Taking Finn to measures that Finn hasn’t seen in a while. Finn works his way in to the upper hand and hits the Coup De Grace for the win.



Fifth Gauntlet match.

A very worn Finn Balor hears The Miz music hits. Yet it’s the Miztourage that walks down to the ring. The Miz attacks Finn from behind and goes for the quick pins. Finn regains his footing and takes it to The Miz. The Miztourage goes for their usual antics and invole themselves in the match. Finn puts a great fight. But the numbers are too much for him and The Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale for the pin.


Fianl Gauntlet match.

We all know who is next. The Monster Among Men. The Giver Of Hands. Braun Strowman! Braun walks in to a big pop and does what Braun does. Completely destroying The Miz and The Miztourage. After a fairly quick pin. Braun is interviewed on the ramp and cuts a promo. In which gets better and better everytime he gets a chance. Braun politely excuses himself and walks back to the ring to power slam The Miz. The crowd wants more! The Monster obliges and gives power slams to everyone. I can’t imagine what Braun will destroy at the Elimination Chamber.



The Empress Of Tomorrow.

Asuka makes her way to the ring for an interview. The Empress is taking to the English language squicker than I anticipated. She has her promo and Nia Jax attacks. Nia lands three vicious leg drops on the Unbeaten One. Then walks away. The unbeaten streak may be in jeopardy.



The Bar vs Titus Worldwide

So I guess we need a “bathroom break match”. Well this is it. No one expected this match, none the less Titus Worldwide to win. Unless you count the other matches. But yet again, Titus Worldwide wins! The crowd does not seem to be in to the match. I can’t blame them. After that Seth Rollins performance. Everything seems to pale in comparison.



Broken promo vs The Fireflies.

Here we go again with WWE’s portrayal of Broken Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt. It’s slightly getting better. But it might be too little too late. Cult vs Cult? Umm, ok…



Women’s Six Tag Team Match.

Before the awesome men’s Gauntlet match. Well, the Seth Rollins part of it. I thought his would be a showcase of the Women’s division and worthy to headline WWE Raw. Alas, this match seemed to hit a road bump. The “Faces”, Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Mickie James. Go against the “Heels”, Mandy Rose, Sonya DeVille, and The Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss. Sonya DeVille actually seemed to grow in her weeks on the main roster. Same goes for Mandy Rose, albeit not as large of a leap as Sonya.

The match was the usual back and forth type affair. Nice spots to showcase the ladies. Sasha locks in the Bank Statement on Alexa Bliss and gets the win. Shortly afterwards Mandy and Sonya attack Sasha. Bayley runs in to help Sasha. Yet encounters a vicious double team from Sonya and Mandy.

Alexa Biss is enjoying the beat down. Then Sonya and Mandy turn towards to Alexa. When they are about to attack Alexa. Mickie James steps in and saves Alexa. The two pull off an enjoyable Double DDT. What is going on here? Mickie and Alexa walk out the ring with all of the women in the Elimination Chamber on the canvas.


How was the “Send off show?”

First thing is firsts. SETH ROLLINS IS THE MAN! Rollins wrestled for 1 hour and 5 minutes straight! I’m hearing that is a WWE Raw record. He is Mr. Monday Night! The only thing that depend his accomplishment was losing halfway. We would have LOVED to see a Finn Vs a backed in a corner Seth Rollins! The ladies 6-women Tag Team match could have been so overbooked. that it resembled a comic book movie. But it wasn’t. So it felt underwhelmed. Everything in between was an afterthought. I hope the FIRST EVER Women’s Elimination Chamber match will not follow suite. Especially after the historic and good Women’ Royal Rumble.

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