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Cody Rhodes’ Thoughts on WWE Bringing Back WCW’s War Games

As reported by Marcus Gatlin of The Scrum Sports earlier this week, World Wrestling Entertainment will be bringing back the War Games cage match. This match features two rings and is surrounded by a steel cage. War Games was created in World Championship Wrestling. Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes had a huge hand in its creation. When it was announced that NXT Takeover Houston would see the return of this match, it drew the attention of Cody Rhodes. Cody is a former WWE talent, current Ring of Honor world champion and the son of the deceased Dusty Rhodes. He also has been very protective of his father’s creations. Cody and his wife Brandi took to Twitter to voice their concerns a few times last week. However, Cody Rhodes felt he needed to make a lengthy post clarifying his stance on WWE’s usage of his father, Dusty Rhodes’ creation, Starrcade.
“Received a lot of praise, but also a good deal of criticism in regards to my remarks on Starrcade and War Games… with that said I’d like to clarify my position and clear up some confusion. As I try to climb the ladder in my sport, with every arena I walk into, I carry my Father’s legacy. It is also my job to protect it, literally. As head of his estate, I try to always honor and never exploit. There’s no guidebook on how I’m supposed to do that. I loved him. He was my best friend and his death was a shock. My comments are certainly from the heart, but they are measured and I stand by them.
Nobody ever claimed they need me or Michelle [Dusty’s widow]’s permission. “I was told” doesn’t mean anything more than that. They didn’t have to, but they did and for that I am thankful. Dusty didn’t just name/grid/book these events… he gave them life. Starrcade he did in honor of my sister, Teil. The PPV era would have come much later without the direct consequences of closed circuit and the large scale event concept. HOWEVER, I do understand that to the victor goes the spoils, and that my Dad’s many many creations for Jim Crockett Promotions and later WCW… they belong to WWE. They can do with them what they choose. That doesn’t mean I always have to like it though. If my Father had not been a public figure, I wouldn’t have to share him with the millions of wrestling fans out there. But I gladly do share him. I want generations of fans to know what he brought… because I feel it’s a beautiful legacy filled with treasures.”

Cody appears to have come to terms with the business decision. Cody is rightfully concerned about WWE not using the match until its creator was deceased.  He also knows that this is a business and World Wrestling Entertainment are the legal owners of all WCW concepts. Here’s hoping that WWE honors Dusty’s memory and books a great match. Also, booking Goldust and Cody wouldn’t hurt.

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