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Which unlikely pairing left RAW wearing championship gold?

Some yuletide tomfoolery made for a joyous holiday episode of Monday Night Raw. Who would find their stockings filled with coal at week’s end?

Monday Night Raw is LIVE from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL on 12/25/17!

The Highs:


We “walked with Elias” as the former “Drifter” informed us that WWE actually stood for such, and it was terrific. Chicago trolled him and he returned the favor.

John Cena joined the ride and it ultimately led to a singles victory for the 16 time world champion after a great exchange to start the show. The fans seemed please to have the savvy veteran present as he started things off right.


The Intercontinental Title was defended by Roman Reigns and he lost via DQ to Samoa Joe.

These two made music in the ring and the rematch that’s forthcoming will surely raise the bar on what was already a fantastic match.

Roman was frustrated after Joe joined Cesaro and Sheamus in injuring his Shield brother, Dean Ambrose, and shelving him for eight to nine months.

Reigns and Joe battled it out, but that frustration led to a victory for Joe as the ref tossed the match out.

Reigns would leave the victor of the war, if not the battle, as he sent Joe into retreat mode following a series of shots from steel chairs and steel ring steps.

Strange Bedfellows

We have new world tag team champions and it was the damnedest thing you’d ever see.

Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins dethroned the Bar after a fantastic piece of in-ring work. These two tore the roof off the joint and Chicago was along for the ride.

Rollins kept the champs at bay and Jordan was able to get the pin fall himself to steal away the straps for he and Rollins. Now where this story heads is anyone’s guess, but it seems that when Jordan ultimately turns heel quicker than a McAlister family seated in first class, it’ll be another strong reason for it.

This was a real surprise and although many of us have been hard on Jordan, and rightfully so, this was great.


Bray Wyatt cut a fantastic promo before he headed down to the ring for Chicago fireflies. The work between he and Hardy at this point has been riveting and captivating to say the least.

He was in for a real surprise as Matt Hardy was waiting for him with a vicious attack and maniacal laughter. It was so over, that after the segment ended and we had a fun backstage segment with “The Bar”, they were STILL chanting for Hardy.

Declaration of Dominance

Asuka declared for the Women’s Royal Rumble matchup, at the expense of the current champion.

Alexa Bliss was cutting a fine promo, putting over her year before “The Empress” headed to the ring and flattened the “Goddess” with a savage kick. Surely Asuka will be the odds on favorite unless we get an appearance from Ronda Rousey, as has been speculated.

Absolution Wins Again

Bayley found herself on the wrong end of a Rampaige as Paige, Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose continued to look dominant with strong booking.

Sonya Deville had an amazing spot where she drilled Sasha Banks with a devastating clothesline on the outside of the ring. Bayley and Mickie James put in work as well, but Paige and her stablemates continue to be booked as legimate threats to the division, and I love it.

Merry Miz-Mas

Braun Strowman would eventually act as the proverbial “Grinch” that stole Christmas as he laid out both Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas with massive running powerslams, but the two members of the Miztourage brought joy to the Universe all night with plays on classic Christmas songs dedicated to the Miz. This was fun.

Go To Sleep

Chicago was the right place for Hideo Itami to put THE Brian Kendrick down for an early Christmas nap after executing HIS finisher. People think it belonged to the great C.M. Punk and they are ill-informed, we saw the move that KENTA brought to prominence utilized very well as he hit Kendrick so hard, I thought the veteran worker was legimately hurt.

That’s how you sell and that’s how you hit a finisher. Well done for time alloted here.

The Lows:

Big Red Bore

Kane was dominant in a victory over Heath Slater. Yes, that’s about all I can say about this one. Rhyno is trying to “toughen up” his partner, but it led to a choke-slam victory for Kane and a choke-slam for Rhyno. Yawn, snore, next?

Cruiserweight Hi-jinx

Alexa Bliss ruined a mistletoe kiss that was about to be shared between Enzo Amore and Nia Jax, so that was a low. before that however, we had a forgettable match between several key members of the division that was done strictly for entertainment purposes.

Cedric Alexander came away with the victory, which I have no problem with, because next week he and Enzo will be competing for the Cruiserweight Title and that’s just good continuity. The match however, was forgettable.

Balor Faces The Facts

Curt Hawkins continues to lose heading into the new year as Finn Balor showed up for a cup of coffee. he nailed the Coup De Grace and spent his Christmas defeating an enhancement talent instead of getting involved with a meaningful story. They need to get him something strong and soon, he deserves it.

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