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Ball Boy Snags a Web Gem

Photo by Kris Dunn | Scrum Sports

Royals catcher Salvador Perez is impressed with the Rays ball boy on Thursday afternoon.

The Tampa Bay Rays and Kansas City Royals faced each other on Thursday. However, one of the most exciting plays of the day took place along the third-base line.

Leading off the top-of-the second, Salvador Perez dug in for his first at bat against Rays starter Jake Odorizzi. The end result was an Odorizzi strikeout. However, it was an early play that got the attention of the fans, and Sal Perez.

Do they give Gold Glove awards to ball boys?

Perez Applauds Ball Boy

Ball Boy Expectations

Fans expect ball boys to make some incredible plays down-the-line. Often, plays that only professional ball players make. However, given that they are on the same field it’s easy for fans to criticize.

Here’s a look at a few tremendous plays from a few other young ball-hawkers. The Red Sox ball girl in 2014, or even the A’s ball boy in 2016…these kids can play.

One thing is for sure, Salvador Perez isn’t the only one thinking that this is impressive. This young fella should be applauded with the best of them. Here’s to you, kid!

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