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Calm down Bucs fans it will be okay

Wayne Masut | Staff Photographer

There are rabid fans, there are bandwagon fans. Then there are fans that let their frustrations known freely. 

Yes this has been a less than ideal season for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In a season where hopes were high the Bucs would make a playoff return, things haven’t gone in the right direction. The offense has struggled, the defense hasn’t been very good. There isn’t a lot to be happy about this season so far. Fans have every right to be discouraged, but things aren’t as bad as they seem.

A lot of fans are calling for Dirk Koetter and Mike Smith’s jobs. Other fans are saying the Bucs should’ve drafted Marcus Mariotta.

Do yourselves a favor and just STOP!

The Glazer Family isn’t going to hire Jon Gruden again, and if they did he wouldn’t lead them to another Super Bowl. When Gruden lead the Bucs to a win in Super Bowl 37, he had Monte Kiffen as his Defensive Coordinator. That’s honestly one of the biggest reasons the Bucs won that Super Bowl. Bringing back “Chucky” won’t solve the issues the Bucs are currently dealing with. Without a clear top defensive coordinator, going after Gruden would be a huge mistake. In the event the Glazers do bring back Gruden, keep him as far away from personnel choices as you can. Everyone saw what happened when Gruden got “Control”. It wasn’t a pretty sight, and won’t help this young team.

Give Koetter and Smith one more season, they showed a season ago they can win nine games. Now they didn’t make the playoffs, but showed these two can lead the team in the right direction. Jameis Winston is hurt, let’s just get that out of the way. He won’t throw for 4,000 yards this season, and he shouldn’t play until probably next season.

If you say you’re a Bucs fan, don’t be so quick to throw in the towel. Sure this season is going in the wrong direction, but there are a few minor positives. First of all Patrick Murray is back and is a good kicker, he’s made two kicks that were 50 plus yards. Kendall Beckwith adds more talent to Lavonte David and Kwon Alexander on the linebacker corp. OJ Howard seems to be open quite frequently, allowing him to score easily.

So with all that said, the future is still quite bright for the Buccaneers. Just calm down it will be okay, just because they lose it’s not the end of the world. Or at least it shouldn’t be…

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