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The Ozone – Let’s Do This….

The Mannequin Challenge…why?…Standing still – Mike Evans about faces his protest over The Donald’s Presidential win. Mr. Evans has put himself under a microscope for not only Tampa Bay but the sporting world to see. Here’s hoping that he doesn’t sweat the pressure, or worse yet, make any dumb idiotic off the field moves that could make people stand for full punishment should he do something that would even suggest he is actually being “Punk’d”…

Ya gotta be kidding me – Pokemon Go is not a thing?… Jimbo Fisher, he of Tally fame, has had his name come up in El Ess You’s coaching search. Reports out of The Rouge is the players have taken a shine to Ed Orgeron and that there is support on the booster front…Jimbo leaving the state Capitol would throw Tallahassee into a tizzy, but lack of being able to spread the salary wealth to his assistants has Jimbo’s eyes looking into potentially greener pastures… The TaxSlayer Bowl < Poulan Weed-Eater Independence Bowl (how can you root against that?)…

Here’s sending good vibes to Stammer who is undergoing knee surgery in the next day or so, which will raise the bar for the balance of Coop’s Troops. The silver lining is it will give Kucherovs, Johnsons, Palats and Killorns more opportunities to grow (some into their contracts, some into their upcoming contracts), and could get Victor Hedman more offensive freedom. Don’t be surprised though if the return timetable leans to the 6 month side that a trade (Loui Eriksson and Vancouver seem to be disenfranchised with each other) could be on the horizon. With Vassy turning in solid performances, Bishop can be The Rook in getting the missing piece (get it?) til Stammer heals…Of course if the Bolts can play the Islanders 82 times a year that would solve everything…speaking of the Islanders, Jack Capuano’s head will soon have to be served on a platter, to get the Isles faithful tolerant again. The team Is off to a horrid start even by Islanders’ standards, but methinks the burden should fall on Teflon GM Garth Snow, who had survived the Wang administration and under his guidance has made the playoffs only 4 times in 12 seasons…How scary will the Maple Leafs be when their roster of youngsters get confidence?  Should the Leafs ever win a Cup it would make the Cubs Series euphoria seem like a pep rally…who would be the Bill Murray of Toronto though… speaking of Mr. Murray, can you stop it already…please?…If this is the way its gonna be no more World Series Championships for the Cubs…

Metallica plays Enter Sandman on classroom instruments with Jimmy Fallon which is almost as bad as walking in on your parents in the heat of orgasmic pleasure – both will scar your memory permanently..

Tony Romo has to take to clip board holder after Dak Prescott is Lou Gehriged him in Dallas. It is quite the cruel sports irony for Mr. Jones. Romo has given up his body annually while simultaneously given up losses in the most crucial times in Big D. Here comes Prescott who has The ‘Boys at an NFL BEST – I repeat NFL Best 8-1 and his teammates LOVE HIM (not to say they don’t Love Tony – hey even Jessica Simpson loved Tony at one point). …The Buccos are at 4-5 and this Sunday’s game at KC is BIG. A win on the road in a hostile environment against a tough and balanced (and boring to watch – hey they are coached by Andy Reid – remember him?) can be a catalyst to a second half surge…

A month into the NBA campaign and your Los Angeles Clippers have the most wins. Doc Rivers is doing a hell of a job with the rotation and each night a diff Clipp is making key contributions. Blake Griffin returning to his early career form is taking pressure off DeAndre Jordan to be the big man scoring and rebounding machine that is key to the dishing doled out by Chris Paul…I can’t wait for all the dumb Black Friday I waited in line for two weeks to save $160 on a non brand TV, coupled with the outta control mosh pit at a department store stories…

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