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Richard Inman

Richard Inman

Born and raised in Tampa Bay, Richard has been intrigued with hockey ever since his father took him to the 49th NHL ALL-Star game at The Ice Palace on January 24, 1999. That would eventually manifest into a desire to play as the young lad found himself wearing makeshift goalie equipment and blocking rolled up socks in the living room. Tired of him breaking furniture, his parents bought him actual gear and tossed him on the ice. His love of hockey would only grow more as he was introduced to The Tampa Bay Lightning. Richard then graduated from The Art Institute of Tampa with a degree in screenwriting. He would go on to write several short films including Blueberry Pale Ale which won Best Florida Film at The Sunscreen Film Festival in 2012. Then Richard had an idea! He decided to put his two loves together and here we are. Richard enjoys playing hockey for The Turkey Vultures at Brandon's Ice Sports Forum, reading The Wheel of Time series, craft beer, movies, and Guinness!

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